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Cooking Oil Collections

Your used cooking oil (UCO) is organic waste, but it is also a commodity. Our collection service pays you for your used cooking oil, with regular on-time collections just when you need them. We can also manage your oil supplies, deliveries and grease storage space - freeing you to concentrate on business operations.

National catering chain or single fast food outlet - our collection service is fast, dependable and flexible. The modern College Biofuels vehicle fleet of 20 trucks and 70 trailers operates nationwide which means that wherever you are in Ireland, you can be paid for your bio-waste.

You may choose to store your UCO in our College Biofuels oil barrels, or use your original oil delivery barrels.

As part of our service, we maintain records of all your oil use, keep your data updated to ensure that you are always compliant with food industry regulations and provide reports on your carbon savings.

UCO Collections

UCO as a Commodity

Our regular collection service pays you for your used cooking oil.

Nationwide Collection

No matter where you are in Ireland, the College Biofuels vehicle fleet operates nationwide.


Ensuring you are always compliant with food industry regulations in relation to UCO.


We transfer collected oil in bulk to our processing plant to be turned into biofuel.

Fewer Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Biofuels are a far cleaner source of energy than traditional petroleum products, producing more than 80% fewer carbon dioxide emissions. This reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is equivalent to taking thousands of cars off the road each year.

Did You Know?

The transport sector produces almost one fifth of Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions.
Trees can convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.
25 million litres of biodiesel is equivalent to 26,000 acres of trees.

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Why use College Biofuels for your Cooking Oil & Biofuel?

  • Your bio-waste is helping to protect the planet
  • Part of an important contribution to sustainability
  • Sustainable Oil Production
  • Fresh Oil Delivery
  • Renewable Energy Production
  • Fueling our trucks to deliver and collect oil, grease & ABP Waste
  • UCO collection that pays for itself