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Grease Trap Servicing

When fats, oils and grease (FOG) are produced and poured down drains or sent to landfill, they are bad news for the environment and the sewerage infrastructure. This grease will solidify and cause blockages in your water and sewerage system leading to odour problems at your premises. Highly-efficient grease traps can be fitted at your premises and we will regularly collect the grease trap waste for conversion to biodiesel

We take your grease trap waste and refine it by removing water and other impurities. This produces ‘brown grease’ which is then processed into clean fuels for use in diesel vehicle fleets, generators, industrial machinery and private cars.

Did You Know?

A 64-metre fatberg was discovered blocking a sewer near the sea in Devon, UK in January 2019. It was estimated it would take 8 weeks to remove.

Biofuels are a far cleaner source of energy than traditional petroleum products, producing more than 80% fewer carbon dioxide emissions. This reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is equivalent to taking thousands of cars off the road each year.

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Why use College Biofuels for your Cooking Oil & Biofuel?

  • Your bio-waste is helping to protect the planet
  • Part of an important contribution to sustainability
  • Sustainable Oil Production
  • Fresh Oil Delivery
  • Renewable Energy Production
  • Fueling our trucks to deliver and collect oil, grease & ABP Waste
  • UCO collection that pays for itself