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Lowering carbon emissions by up to 85%

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There is widespread awareness of the dangers of greenhouse gas emissions from unsustainable fossil fuels. In Ireland, we are leading the transition to cleaner fuels by collecting and recycling agri-food bio-waste to produce biodiesel for use in diesel vehicle fleets, generators, industrial machinery and private cars.

Biofuels are a far cleaner source of energy than traditional petroleum products, producing more than 85% fewer carbon dioxide emissions. This reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is equivalent to taking thousands of cars off the road each year.

What happens to your used oil?

We transfer collected oil in bulk to our processing plant in Nobber, Co. Meath. After grading, cleaning and filtering, the oil undergoes a chemical process called transesterification to produce high quality biodiesel fuel.

The fuel we produce at our purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility in Co. Meath is made to the exacting European EN14214 standard and sold to major fuel providers and blended for use in diesel vehicles.

Help us lower carbon emissions
by up to 85%


Fossil fuel usage pollutes the environment, releasing greenhouse gases which threaten the very life of our planet.

The Solution

We are one of the companies working to break our dependence on fossil fuels and drastically reduce the risk of environmental disasters.


Our newly commissioned renewable energy facility represents an important step towards our goal of increased sustainability


College Group appreciates the responsibility of its role, continually pushing boundaries to find ways to protect the Earth.

Did You Know?

You are already helping to reduce carbon emissions when you fill up your vehicle.
Diesel already contains up to 7% biodiesel and petrol already contains up to 10% Ethanol.
These volumes are set to increase which will help the fight against greenhouse gases.

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Why use College Biofuels for your Cooking Oil & Biofuel?

  • Your bio-waste is helping to protect the planet
  • Part of an important contribution to sustainability
  • Sustainable Oil Production
  • Fresh Oil Delivery
  • Renewable Energy Production
  • Fueling our trucks to deliver and collect oil, grease & ABP Waste
  • UCO collection that pays for itself