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A message from CEO:

"Using biofuel produced from animal fat, a renewable product, will result in an 85% lower green-house gas emission compared with the traditional fossil diesel. Individually and collectively, we all have a responsibility to improve our carbon footprint and this carbon-neutral fuel is critical in helping us to achieve that."

John Gilroy

John is the CEO of College Group and founded College Proteins in 1989 on a green-field site in Nobber, Co. Meath. The company expanded in 2004 when Farragh Proteins, another rendering facility, was acquired. The company has four facilities and two main production sites, employing over 100 people. John has a keen interest in energy efficiency and reduction of carbon footprint. He directs this focus into continuously implementing process improvements. The new biodiesel facility will lead the way for other biofuel companies in Europe and worldwide by minimising environmental impact and employing state-of-the-art engineering and energy efficiency measures as well as artificial intelligence to monitor production and performance. Economically and environmentally this new facility puts Ireland at the forefront of renewable energy production.

Lisa Clarke

Lisa is the Environmental Technical Project Manager at College Group. Lisa holds a BSc in Food Science and Innovation and a postgraduate diploma in Project Management with the Engineering Institute of Technology. Lisa has over ten years’ experience with College Group and is responsible for the construction of the biofuel facility and associated infrastructure.

Julie-Ann O'Reilly

Julie-Ann is the Business Unit Manager for College Biofuels. She studied Pharmacology at the University of Aberdeen and earned her PhD in Neuroscience from Trinity College Dublin. Thereafter, she moved to Dublin City University where she managed projects focused on identifying markers of disease or exposure to environmental toxins. Julie-Ann has been involved in a number of award-winning projects and comes with significant experience in process optimisation and compliance. Julie-Ann will manage, coordinate and control all activities in our new Biofuel Plant.

Mark Reynolds

Mark is our Supply Chain Manager. He comes from a rural dairy farming background in Meath and has recently joined the company. He has previously worked in procurement and production planning in Northern Ireland and Australia respectively. He will be focussing on growing our used cooking oil and grease trap business along with sourcing alternative raw materials to service our Biodiesel facility.


A continuous quest for sustainability

College Biofuels is a division of College Group - an rendering industry leader producing high-quality oils and meals for the renewable energy and pet food industries. College Group are on continuous quest for newer and better ways of creating and utilising renewable resources in Ireland.

For 30 years, College Group has been producing raw materials for the manufacture of carbon-neutral fuels for use across Europe. Our newly commissioned renewable energy facility represents another important step towards our ulitimate goal of increasing sustainability in the Irish transport and fuel sectors. The new facility will allow us to help Ireland achieve and exceed European requirements for renewable energy. We will take waste products including used cooking oil and animal fat and produce clean, green, sustainable fuel. The renewable fuels produced are pat of the strategy for combating climate change.


renewable energy facility


A shared responsibility

For many years now, our planet has been telling us to sit up, take notice and take action. As one of Ireland’s leading producers of recycled resources for agriculture and industry, College Group appreciates the importance of its role as an innovator - continually pushing boundaries to find ever newer ways to protect the Earth.

But we also realise that taking action is the responsibility of each one of us. If you operate a business in the Irish food industry, you can make a vital contribution through the recycling of your bio-waste in the form of used cooking oils and grease trap waste.

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